Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 4: The pursuit of Happyness!

Humans. We are a rather funny species.  

Just 4 days into the holiday, and the lump in the throat, the sinking feeling of nostalgia that we are very all familiar with, had already started to set in. 10am : walking along the winding streets, painting at the studio was something I was thoroughly enjoying. And I almost didn’t want to leave.

And thus began Day 4.
Devoted to High Speed Painting! 

Yes, I too hadn’t heard of this type before. It seemed simple actually. The aim was to paint anything, just about anything in 20 minutes flat. After quite some time, there was a deadline to adhere to, and as nerdy as I may sound, I kind of liked it.
Well, it wasn’t actually so simple. Atleast not for me.
It’s hard to simply let go, to lose control (Of course, alcohol helps). To paint without a thought. To not worry about smoothening the edges, about perfecting ‘that’ tree and the tinge of cobalt blue in the sky. To just paint. And let it all happen by itself. I actually also learnt how important it is to stand back, look at your masterpiece and intuitively paint.   
And so I did.
In the next 20 minutes, each one of us showed an infinite amount of energy and passion. It was amazing. It almost seemed like it was all coming back. My 18 year old love affair had just reached its peak.
When Caroline looked at my painting, she looked elated and said “now that’s an Aman!”. If I ask myself, what my happiest moment in Spain was, it was this. I was finally close to developing my own style of painting, a style which defined me. I couldn’t stop smiling!

 I remember thinking how I was going to really ‘fit in’ my group on Day zero (:P, No, it wasn’t an MBA-ish Day Zero). By the fourth day, I couldn’t have been happier. Interacting with all my groupmates, spending time with them at Goyo’s and the Tapas Bar (the best café I have been to till date) and discussing almost anything and everything under the sun, was pure delight. And I believe it was that common passion for art, which really bound us.

I was also starting to realize how well structured Caroline’s program had been and what an amazing teacher she is. She somehow managed to teach us the very basics: of lines, composition and tones. And yet, she gave us complete freedom to paint, to express and to rather develop our own style.

A lot of people have asked me what painting means to me. Whether it’s just a hobby, do I love the magic it creates, is it to achieve inner peace and would I really pursue it and become a painter (some kinder ones even asked me whether I’d like to put up an exhibition someday).
Honestly, I really don’t know.
All I can say is that it makes me happy. And I’d keep doing it as long as it does.

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