Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 3 : Being (A)live.

Dear Diary
Today was almost like getting up in the hostel. (Ofcourse, not entirely). I dragged myself out of (a softer) bed as late as possible, tired and groggy, and reached the studio just in time!
I really don’t know why, but after two extremely fulfilling days, I somehow didn’t enter the studio with the same enthusiasm that I had the previous days. Painting, as simple as it may seem, can be extremely draining, mentally and physically.
Well, anyway, as I entered, Alex was getting our easels ready. We were going to be painting outdoors today! A Live painting! Woah. I can’t deny I had a mix of emotions. It seemed interesting, fun but tough. And more than that, I thought, “why today? I am so not going to get this right”.
We went to a park. The aim was to learn tonal values.
To my surprise, before Caroline began, she said “if anyone of you is feeling tired, or homesick, or just not particularly happy, its normal. It usually happens on Day 3 or 4”
And so we began.

Believe it or not, but painting outdoors can be a tricky process. I guess the key lies in keeping it simple. Choosing a certain number of elements from the scene and working on it.

More than just learning about tones, I think a change in perspective came about after this day. Caroline’s program was true to its word, it actually brings out the artist in you. It’s when you start noticing not just one green, but the shades of green, the hues of yellows, the sunlight falling on the leaves lending its own charm, the beauty of the drooping lilies, and the temptation to paint all of that in one!
And that is where the beauty lies. In each one’s interpretation. In each one’s thought.

I remember when I was asked in Godrej LOUD about my passion for painting and how it all came about.. I had shared a childhood story with them wherein I actually used to come up with my best sketches and paintings when I used to be in the worst possible mood!  

I probably did it again.
I also probably figured out the reason behind it. Painting is about taking risks. (No, I am not eccentric). It is. It’s about exploring and experimenting, whether it’s with the colours, or with the brush strokes.
It’s when you take command of the brush, of each and every movement that you create, when the strokes become bold, and when everything else around you is put on hold. That is what makes a masterpiece.
And maybe, that’s what I did unconsciously that day. And I did get it right!


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  2. Well written Kalra, seeing a different 'tone' in this one :D but Should've added more pictures :P

    1. Thank you :D Too many pictures divert the attention from the post :) (Thanks for the suggestion, though :P)

  3. Nice structuring and thought flow. The painting's elegant as well!