Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Visa-aah and More

The first of all things to be planned were the dates (yes, that’s hard). So I ran around the office everyday trying to figure out when the end terms would end, that the dates wouldn’t suddenly change and hoping that, till then the seats at the program would last. Phew. Finally, it worked out perfectly. Endterms end on 21st (a rather close call).

And that was followed by the bookings! Now that seemed easy. Well, maybe not. After dealing with all the possible errors and issues an online transaction could have given me (Yes, I ain’t an IT engineer), I finally succeeded.

And now comes the important step: The Schengen Visa!

As I arrange all the necessary documents, the passport size photograph with all requirements, the letters of proof, the flurry of activities is coupled with a range of emotions of excitement, anxiety, and the urge to experience all the surprises in store. And yes, most importantly reassuring my parents everyday that it’ll all work out fine.

So while I deal with Christmas and New Year’s (Read: Skyrocketing ticket prices), proof of address, health insurance etc etc, it is turning out to be way more enriching in every possible way.

"O how I long to travel back,
And tread again that ancient track!
That I might once more reach that plain,
Where first I left my glorious train,
From whence th' enlighten'd spirit sees
That shady city of palm trees."

Yes, the retreat is finally about to begin!

The Beauty and the Brush

I sometimes wonder what it is about painting that brings me so much happiness.

Is it the colors that holler on mute mode, or the strokes that guide my every move, or the thrill of giving form to freedom - any which way, the magic starts with just a stroke :)

As a child, I was fascinated with colors and their magic. I would actually talk to my paints, make sure my pencils (yes pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and what not!) were in their favorite place, make friends with my mixing plate, and even wish my paintings a good day! (Yes, yes I know. I had my issues).

Starting with my favorite character Noddy, I started to appreciate art and learn as the years went by, marveled by the myriad shades and expressions a single color could bring. 
Those were the days....

But then, life has its way of shaking you out of your schizophrenia – as the stakes became higher, the strokes became weaker. In the rut of competitions, and the race of exams, the rosy reds quietly began to yellow down. Of course the memories lingered, now pushed backseat and asked to stay put.   
So, when Vandana and Mark(from Godrej Loud) asked us to think about what truly makes us happy, the painting bag hastily jumped up from back seat and took control of my journey.

And that’s that.

So I’m off to Spain for a painting holiday at Joe Daisy Studio, Marbella in a fully equipped studio from 23rd December to 30th December 2012!

Before I do that of course, there are visa processes, medical examinations, travel decisions, accommodation issues, budget caps to cater to! And of course, with exams, quizzes, the college fest, Brandwagon and every day sessions, life right now is a crazy mix of excitement, adrenaline and apprehension.

Did I forget to tell you that this Spain trip will also be my first alone-and-out-of-the-country experience? I AM excited. Wish me luck and wish me LOUD! :D